Digital vs Traditional Marketing for Chhattisgarh

There has been quite a buzz in the market for quite a long time for social media being one of the best mediums of advertising. Days have passed, campaigns have been done, many burnt their hands and quite a lucky few who have reaped the fruits from it. If you are reading this article by searching it for any keyword or have got it from the links of our website, you must be already knowing about the use and benefits of social media. So, let’s not discuss it and see in actual as to how social media can be used in your business, either as a standalone channel of advertising or as a blended medium with other existing channels.

One thing I would like to make it clear here is that, when we talk about a market like Chhattisgarh, the traditional mediums like paper advertising and Billboards or radio are effective to a great way and in no way a great campaign can be executed without them. Social media can be used as a perfect blend of them, which we are going to discuss in the article and also how it can complement your business.

  1. More power to the advertiser:

Consider this, you are a big budding business house and want to run a brand building/ brand awareness campaign in the state. The mediums which can be helpful to you can be radio, Billboards, papers etc. But how about you want to not only build a brand but also give away certain freebies with it. Or you also want to run an offer at the same time. In traditional media, you can have it all, but keeping in mind the limited time span of the audience in use of print or outdoor media, it will not be a great idea to do it.

Now, how digital media can help you? Well, you can have a campaign designed which can have a call to action, which can give the user a Coupon or freebie as your need. You can set it to be seen multiple times during the day so it is easy for the user to recall the brand and all this in one single campaign.

  1. Powerful accurate metrics:

How do you track the ROI on the money you spend on the advertisements?

The easiest way would be, for newspapers, the total number of copies in circulation, for radio, the number of listeners, for Billboard, the average number of people passing through that path in a day. All these are approximate numbers and do not guarantee that your advertisement too, would be seen by everyone.

So how social media is different?

The very core of social media is the analytics and metrics that comes along with the platform. The starting point for any individual is the number of likes, comments in his posts etc. So when anyone talks about social media it is always in numbers and down to the exact numbers.

As an advertiser, you get every analytics out of the campaign. The exact number of people available in the area on that platform, how much reach you get on your post, the number of engagement on your advertisement, number of link clicks, bounce rate, hit rate and what not. Everything beautifully presented to you in numbers, graphs and charts. If you use it wisely, you can have a lot happen over it.

  1. Worth every penny you spend.

The biggest advantage you get being in a country like India and especially in a state like Chhattisgarh is that the digital marketing is quite cheap. There is not much competition among the advertisers on a platform and thus you get good rates for a campaign. The same campaign can be much costlier to run for a developed country or a metro where different advertisers are competing for the same thing.

For a billboard in the prime location, or a full-page Paper advertisement or radio campaign, you have to spend at least a Lakh rupee. For the same amount, you can run a massive campaign on social media, distributed over different mediums, FB, Google Ads, Instagram etc. If you want to know how this can be done, you can contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out on the same.

  1. Larger audience

Your business has the potential to serve clients anywhere in the state, Country or even the whole world. But how do you advertise? It’s very difficult in the starting phases to have advertisement campaigns all over the state in a limited budget, due to which you miss out on so many potential costumers

Taking our own example, we are a software development company and a digital media services provider. Anybody throughout the world, who needs any of these services is our client. So how do we cater them? We rely completely on social media and digital media to generate potential leads. We have done it for us, and many clients of us. If you want to have it done get in touch, and we can discuss it in detail for your domain and particular business requirement.

  1. Advanced Targeted audience

Let’s understand this with a situation. You are in a business that makes products only for small kids, say toys, clothes etc. What would be your potential customer? Well, parents obviously as they take the decisions and buy it. But is there a way you can reach only new-Parent? Not in the traditional mediums but definitely in the digital media.

You can have your campaign designed to reach only the targeted parent. This is only one example. You can just think of a filter and the platform will give you the filtered audience as per your requirement.

  1. Higher ROI:

With all the above already said, you can easily calculate the ROI. For one of our client, we were able to generate 2500 potential leads with each lead as low as Rs. 20/- out of which there were 100+ final conversions. In short, the business generated out of the campaign is much much higher than the money spent on the entire campaign. You should also take into consideration the money spent on boosting budget, the agency fees, the graphics etc. Still, when compared to other mediums the ROI is way too high in the case of digital media.

  1. Bigger scope for errors and corrections.

Anyone reading it, who has given advertisement before, and have seen no response from it, or an error in the final design, or wrong placement of it, or problem in printing can relate to this one easily. What would be the cost of replacing the entire designs of your billboard all over the city? Well, many have done this but is it worth? You have to spend a lot on printing and the fitting costs. Other mediums too involve a great fee for change in designs/creatives of any type.

When we talk about digital or social media, this is a very flexible medium and easy to change the designs. Have one creative running for you. If it’s not giving you the results, change it immediately. You also have the options to tweak your audience or pause the campaigns at any time.

To sum it up, social media is proving itself to be a very useful, cost-effective and trendy medium of advertisement in the Chhattisgarh market. If you want your brand and business to utilize the full potential of it, give it a try. If you want any help on it, or want us to run a campaign for you, please get in touch with us.

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