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Chhattisgarh User Statistics Facebook 2016

Internet is considered as fifth dimension of life and so is Facebook in social media platforms, we have 462+ million internet users in india out of which  136 million are using Facebook. We Indians make 13.5% of  world internet users.

Yesterday, when our team was searching for statistics of internet and Facebook users of chhattisgarh, for our digital marketing strategies , They did not find any single article on internet. So Ashish Gupta , who is digital marketing expert at BlueBanyan started working with Mohit Sahu to prepare reports for Facebook users, based on Facebook campaigns and here is brief report which we are presenting for you.

Do you know how many active facebook users are in chhattisgarh?

There are 1 million to 1.5 million active facebook users in chhattisgarh. Yeah, It might includes you. So, Let’s go further. Here we’ll see chhattisgarh facebook statistics in details.

Chhattisgarh User Statistics Facebook 2016 – Top Cities

Chhattisgarh User Statistics Facebook 2016

Chhattisgarh Facebook Users – District Wise

Chhattisgarh Facebook Users - District Wise

Gender Split of Chhattisgarh Facebook Users

Gender Split of Chhattisgarh user
The ratio of men vs women ratio of chhattisgarh is quite close to worldwide facebook ratio of 76% men and 24% women. Whereas chhattisgarh has 78% men and 22% women.

Chhattisgarh Facebook Users by Age Group

Chhattisgarh Users by Age Group
Surprisingly, most of Facebook users are in chhattisgarh with age group of 18-25.

Chhattisgarh User Relationship Status

Chhattisgarh Relationship Status Facebook
oops!! Thats quiet strange… We have more number of single users and hope most of them are girls :p

Education Level of Chhattisgarh Facebook User

Educational Level Chhattisgarh User


Facebook Statistics based on Job Title


Job Percentage
Government Employees 8%
Nurses 2%
Education 14%
Community and social services 11%
Military 1%
Personal Care 12%
Arts , entertainment , sports and media 29%
Transportaion 18%
Archtecture and enginerring 23%
Healthcare 10%
Cleaning 2%
Administrative 21%
Management 33%
Repair 7%
Farming,Fishing and forestry 4%
Constrution 5%
Life, physical and social science 8%
Sales 19%
Retails 2%
Business and financial Operations 11%
Legal 2%
IT and technical 0.9%
Computer and mathematics 0.8%

Top Facebook Pages by Category (Chhattisgarh)

  1. Government Organization – Chhattisgarh TourismCMO Chhattisgarh
  2. Political Party – BJP Chhattisgarh , Indian National Congress
  3. Public Figure – Dr. Raman Sngh , Devendra Yadav , brijmohan Agrawal , Ajay Chanrakar
  4. Health/medical/pharmacy:- Narayana Health

The data was collected from around June, 2016.

I hope the above statistics would be helpful for our users. You can meet us for coffee, for detailed insights and how you can leverage the social media for promoting your business. Shoot us a mail at or call us at: 0771 4268687

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