About Minocular

The Minocular platform for development of solution which would not only help in improving the efficiency but also give the indirect benefits on site control, safety, decision making.

There are total 22 modules automating the planning, execution, monitoring & reporting of all sub process of mining like drilling, blasting, pile planning & execution, shift planning & execution, quality control, contractual activities, diesel, equipment etc.

  • Increase Mining Productivity


    Minocular has been designed and developed by BlueBanyan with special focus on working with Indian mines, where the environment is harsh and the working conditions are challenging.   Minocular easily scales from small mines to a very large mines with multiple pits and dumping areas.

    • Move more material without having to buy more trucks or excavators
    • Lower fuel costs: Trucks don’t wait as long for an excavator
    • Park trucks when they are not needed, saving fuel and maintenance
    • More accurate loading: Excavator operators can see the tonnage as they load
    • Real-Time KPI’s and Management Reporting Current Information: don’t make decision with yesterday’s data!
    • View real-time production data onsite or from the company HQ office anywhere in the world
    • Better equipment preventive maintenance using OEM Engine Health real-time data and prestart check functionality
    • Local Support, hand holding and customization based on the demands of the particular mine and particular product it mines.
    • Locally developed, managed, installed and maintained by experts in the business.
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