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    BlueBanyan has set superlative benchmarks regarding to PHP web development that all the competing web developers hardly surpass. Our robust back end programming skills enable us to develop dynamic websites using multiple open source platforms. We as a custom web development company in Raipur deliver back end solutions for websites, and mobile apps that excel in terms of logic, database integration, user-friendliness, testing, and debugging. The competence of our web developers in PHP, Java, Python, .NET, SQL, and Ruby Rails authorize them to conceive websites and applications that suit all your business essentials.

    • php


    • java


    • dotnet


    • python


    • ruby-rails

      Ruby Rails

    • node js

      Node JS

  • We support clients by delivering top most database integration & recovery systems that have the finest load balancing and crash recovery capabilities.


    BlueBanyan’s management, analytic process,and integration of relational databases like SQL is phenomenal. Our database operations, and maintenance plans are customized, transparent, and largely scalable to offer clients the maximum efficiency& security..

    • mysql
    • postgre-sql
    • sql-server
    • sqlite

    BlueBanyan assures clients improved security, flexibility along with speed while handling ‘Big Data’ on running real-time web applications with the use of improved NoSQL database systems..

    • mongo-db
    • redis
    • riak
    • couch-db
    • amazon-ws
    • cassandra
    • apache-solr
    • neo4j
    • apache-hbase
    • hbase
    • accumulo
    • hyper-table
  • open source

    OpenSource Customization

    Open source customization services administered by BlueBanyan in favor of customers are massive in kind& style. It has diverse assets namely zero licensing fees, upfront cost-savings, fewer complexities, and cost-effectiveness.

    Content Management System

    Services relating to CMS put forth by BlueBanyan is easy to implement, maintain, user-friendly, back-end integrated, and reliable. Webmasters can easily retain complete control over their website by using our SEO-friendly CMS integration without any site-break up issues.


    E-Commerce CMS

    Evolving an e commerce website which completely satisfies all your business needs is so simple, else a responsible task for developers in BlueBanyan. We keep even minute essentials of e commerce website development such as category listing, payment gateway integration, servers, and hosting so on intact by using the top-notch E-commerce CMS accessible at present.


    Customer Relationship Management

    BlueBanyan is keen in cultivating the best customer interactions possible. Our developers extend the services to clients in this aspect by providing customized versions of freely accessible CRMs like SugarCRM, vtigerCRM, and OROCRM.

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