Digital Marketing for small business in 2017

The necessity for adopting Digital Marketing for small business in this fast progressing world can be clearly established by this simple quote by a famous Business Magnate, who said that:- “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.

This famous personality was none other than one of the most inspiring entrepreneur of all the time, the co-founder of Microsoft; Bill Gates.

Now, you might be sitting there wondering like ‘What are Digital marketing strategies for small business’ or ‘Why use Digital Marketing for small business?’ The answer is rather simple but, before we move on, we must first necessarily get acquainted with the term ‘Digital Marketing’.

“Digital Marketing is basically about promoting your business over the internet by using some reliable and efficient tools or services.”


Why choose Digital Marketing for small business?

If you are looking for a convincing reason to outsource a freelancer or some organisation to promote your business across the internet, We will give you many.

  • It is economic: We say it is economic because its a one time investment, if carried out properly. The pricing is both reasonable and affordable as well. Some small projects on digital marketing for small business can be get done for as less as 5$(INR 350 approx.) and as mentioned earlier, if you have approached the right guy, your business will keep growing. There is no such thing as ‘negative growth’ in digital marketing.
  • The advantage of social media: It is quite rare to come across a person who is not a part of social networks nowadays. People tend to be active on social networking websites because they are updated starting from the whereabouts of their close ones, to the whereabouts of an entire nation. Reaching people through social media is a rather wise approach. Because when marketing through social media, you never ask for any extra time from your targeted audience. Your business just simply becomes a part of their very basic and predictable routine. What better strategy could there be for a businessman to promote his business by just sticking to everyone’s daily routine?
  • Room for detailed analysis and improvement: Apart from the numerous advantages of digital marketing for small business, the most distinct one is the availability of a set of specialised tools for the in depth analysis of your progress. These tools are capable providing information on parameters like the no. of visits on your website over any specified duration, ranking of your websites in the search engines’ directory, errors(if any) in your website, keywords which lead to your website, no. of external links you have for your website and so on. Two of the most popular tools used for such analysis are ‘Google Analytics’ and ‘Google Webmaster Tools’. But, one needs some specific set of skills before being able to use these tools and the use of these tools without any prior knowledge is not recommended. These tools are best used by professionals and if you want your website analysed, you may contact us here(hyperlink).
  • 24×7 Availability: The best part about digital marketing is that the business can be accessed anytime, anyplace, anywhere, just a click away. This 24×7 access proves to be productive for the visitors as well as the business owners. For example:- If you have put up your advertisement on a billboard in the busiest square of the city and that billboard contains your contact information obviously. But, you had your contact number updated recently and so, updating that information on the billboard may take as long as 7 days. On the other hand, you may update any information on any of your websites within a maximum of a few hours only. Isn’t that easier?

Where can you outsource for Digital Marketing?

Now, after getting acquainted with ABCDs of Digital Marketing for small business, you may be wondering about where to outsource for such a task.

While approaching someone to carry out a task as such, there are a few things which you must keep in mind in order to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

There are a lot of fraudsters who offer you unnatural results in a relatively short duration of time. My word of advice would be to keep your distance from such people because they tend to use a number of black hat or illegal techniques to produce some attractive short term results but end up causing some serious damage to your website. Also, these illegal techniques are useless when it comes to generating genuine long term and beneficial results.

The minimum amount of time required for a professional to produce some improvement for a website by using valid and legal or white hat techniques is one month.

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