Happy Whale – A New Game to keep you Happy!

The widespread of Blue Whale game is associated throughout the world as something which is self-harming. Our team at BlueBanyan Technologies came up with an efficient & fresh idea that is Happy Whale.

There are some amiable tasks which are simple to complete & to give people some bliss time. Partially people suffering from depression, stress & anxiety can play this game & for sure it will bring some craziness and happiness in your life, try it once.

This game includes some tasks; these tasks will make you happy as all the challenges are created to make people’s lives better. Here the whale will turn into a happy whale as you will complete the fun challenges. So just enjoy this fun game when the mundane tasks of daily routine let you down.

Happy Whale Team - BlueBanyanHappy Whale Team (From left) Bipul Gupta, Ashish Gupta, Mohit Sahu & Puru Agrawal

What Kind of Tasks Are There?

Blue Whale is a threat. Teenagers have committed suicide completing such tasks. The tasks were dangerous & people just used to get promptly involved in such activities. Online is a medium frequented by teens and anonymity increases the chances of experimentation. Moreover, it is easy to access without supervision that makes it dangerous and alluring at the same time. Everyone today has easy access to the internet; let’s use it for making ourselves better.

There are certain tasks like donating the things that are no more useful, talking to friends & relatives, unblocking friends on social media etc.

The root is basically to create a better mentality. This idea came with a vision that people should get involved in better practices.

We are overwhelmed by the response from youth & Media all around. People loved our idea that is the best appreciation we may ever get. Our team is awaiting all kind of feedback from your side. Utilizing internet for betterment is what are methodologies are based upon.

We will be coming up with more innovative strategies & ideas like happy whale. Visit our website to get an inside about us – www.happywhale.in

Happy Whale Game Review – Video

Happy Whale Game in Media

Happy Whale Game

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